Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trip to Auckland Museum

The Wild Child Zone
On Thursday Room 5 went on a bus to the museum. It took a long time to get there. When we got inside we put our bags away in a cage. Then we went to see art and sculptures for our trip. After we went to the wild child zone. There was a huge tree which has a furry gorilla inside. By John

At The Tree
Yesterday me and my class went to the museum. We got to the tree and almost everyone went in it. Anyway we went to the museum to see our topic in real life. Back to the tree, it was crowded, it was dark, dusty, leafless and tall. It had windows and there was a buffalo next to the window. There was a dart board and bottles. I felt awesome.  By Jordan

On Thursday, me and the Junior School went on a bus to the Museum. We had a scavenger hunt. Manu, Chloe, Narges and Jack were in my group. I thought the volcanoes were cool!  By Ellie

World Wars
Yesterday Room 5 went for a Museum trip. First we were looking at giant guns. Next we looked at a giant boat. Then we looked at a real world plane. Before we looked at the plane we looked at the plane's engine. I videoed the engine being turned on. At the end I felt happy. I had a good day at the museum.  I had lots of fun. 
By Jack

Scavenger Hunt
On Thursday we went to the Museum. We went into groups and I was with Jayden's Dad. We had a list and we searched everywhere and we helped each other using the clues. Then we had a big photo. Then we worked hard finding the objects from the different countries. We saw old things and stuff. I had fun because I learnt about some amazing things from the olden days and we just had three  more blanks on the paper. I had fun on the great museum trip yesterday.  By Betty

On Thursday my class went on a school trip to the Museum and we went at 9.30. When we got there we went to the dinosaurs and some of the dinosaurs were high and they were big. I even knew some names.  By Sam

The Volcanoes
Yesterday me and my class went to the Museum. We learnt about our topic about Egypt. We went to the volcanoes and I thought the volcanoes were real so I saw fire but it was not real fire inside. The lava fell on the ground and the ground got warm. So then we went.
By Layal

At The Tree
Yesterday Room 5 went to the Museum and we went to the giant tree and there was a huge gorilla, a long rope, a doll and a bunny. Then I felt scared and I felt a little bit good. Then there was a glass and wood floor that I stepped on and the glass didn't crack. 
By Sione

World War 1
I like the plane part and everything. The speakers on the phone were cool. I enjoyed listening to the letters being read. The guns and people were amazing. Gas masks were like flames and I enjoyed the museum. It was so amazing! I liked the floors too. I went because were are learning about cultures, China, Rome and Greece.  By Kruze

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