Thursday, November 2, 2017

Museum Stories continued

                                My Museum Trip
On Thursday, me and my class went to a zone at the museum because we wanted to learn about our inquiry topic, The Past. The zone was called Wild Child. We saw an example of an old school, a big grey elephant, an olden day treehouse, and a squishy bedroom for a boy and a girl was also in the zone. First I went to the olden day treehouse to see if it was really old. I had to climb a ladder to see the things inside. There was a gorilla in the treehouse and some old books. My parent was Aiga’s mum. Next I looked at some old toys. There were teacups and teapots with some teddy bears next to them. I took a photo of the teapot and the teacup. I went to the children’s uniform to look how they wore clothes in the olden days. On my way, I saw hopscotch painted on the ground. I thought it was not different to the ones now.   
Then I saw that there was a child health care machine that looked interesting. It showed how children got healthy in the olden days. Then I went to the school. It had a chalk board for the teacher to write on.           By Natalie  

World War Zone
On Thursday me and my class went to the Museum. Before we went on the bus we got into our groups of four. We went there because we were learning all about the past. When we got inside we went to the World War two and one zone. When we got in the zone I saw a T.V so I went to it. When I was there, there was head phones so I put on the head phones. I heard a man saying “All about world war two and one. Then when it was over I saw my class lining up so I went to have a look. Finally, I was at the front of the line. When I was at the front of the line I saw goggles. So I put the goggles on and sat down. When I open my eyes I saw people saying “321 aim and fire” with a big black bomb. So I quickly took them off my eyes. Then suddenly I saw a submarine so I went in the door and I saw a black telephone so I said “Hi!”  It was a letter being read from the World War two or one. Then it was time to go, so me and my class went back to our school.        By Amelia    

In the museum my class went in a room that had lots of things when the people died in the olden days. First me and Natalie and Ellie saw lots of different phones. People could put their ears in them. Soon it was my turn to listen to it. It was really sad. It said in one war one thousand people died even children. Then I heard a loud sound coming from beside me. It was a space from a little corner. It had a big plane that had a video that was all about how lots and lots of people died in the plane. When I looked at it I was thinking that no one can breathe in that plane while driving in it. Lastly Mrs Hood told us to find our leader of our group to help lead us on our walk in the Museum. I had a great day.                                         By Katherine  
Volcano Zone

Room five went to the Museum and went to the volcano zone. We saw a volcano and the fire on it wasn’t real. I looked up in the sky and I saw white clouds in the air, it was so amazing at the volcano place. My class went up the stairs. there were only three steps to get on the deck. After everyone in my class lined up to have a turn with the music rocks and I was in the front. My class mates walked around with me. I saw Betty touching pretend fire and I warned her that the sign said do not touch the fire. So that was fun.  We want to come back to the Museum.      By Manu                                                                                       

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