Thursday, November 30, 2017

Room 5 writing

In Room 5, we have been learning to write an opening sentence that makes the reader want to read on.
On  Wednesday we looked at a picture, on pobble365, of an old cottage with a ladder leaning against it heading into the sky above.
Here's what we came up with.

At midnight I was in my house, then suddenly I saw something coming towards me. It said “Follow me!”  By Amelia

I was in a cottage and I saw an alien in the lounge room. “Where did you come from?” I asked.   By Jack

I was in the glass castle and I saw a ladder falling down from the sky.    By Katherine

I was reading a book calmly when suddenly I heard a huge crack on the roof.  By Natalie

I was in a haunted house all by myself when I saw a ghost and a zombie following me. By Jerriah

One foggy day I was in a scary forest and I saw a rusty ladder leaning against an abandoned house.  By James

I was in my house and there was a crack, “What was that?” Then I heard a boo sound.  By Ellie

I was in a spooky house and I saw a scary clown pointing a gun at me.  By Layal

I was in a spooky house and the roof went smash. By Sam

I was awake on Mount Everest when I saw a dragon coming after me and it was breathing fire.  By Jordan

Me and my friend were in my black house when we heard a big bang on top of my roof.  By Sione

I was inside a spooky house and I saw a ghost coming towards me.  By Betty

I woke up on top of Mount Everest and I was so cold I slipped down. I was at the bottom of the world.  By John

I looked out my window and saw a rusty ladder leaning against my house.  By Manu

I was inside my house and my windows went bang.  By Sienna

I was high up in the sky in a hot air balloon and a ladder fell from Mount Everest.  By Jayden

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